Your wins

For over 150 years, Carmeuse has focused on providing its customers with exceptional quality and service. As a result, Carmeuse has become a premier supplier of limestone and lime products to a variety of manufacturing and processing industries.
The Carmeuse technical staff has over 40 years of hands-on field experience with emissions treatment. Our experts can provide you with technical options, evaluate planned design improvements and support retrofitting initiatives that will help your facility comply with strict stack emissions regulations.


We boast extensive expertise in Flue Gas Cleaning processes and reagents. That expertise is always accessible to our customers via the support of our FGC specialist teams. Our customers, including some of the world's leading companies, depend on Carmeuse for reliable solutions for their flue gas and emissions control systems.

Delivered Product Quality

Smooth operation of the FGC process can only be achieved through the use of correct and consistent FGC reagents. Carmeuse’s ability to consistently meet the most exacting specifications has given our customers a high degree of confidence in the quality and reliability of our products thanks to:

  • Our highest quality control standards during manufacturing;
  • Our fully equipped laboratories ensuring we meet every specification for every customer.

Some FGC units require substantial quantities to achieve compliance. Selecting the best transportation option and providing adequate on-site reagent storage helps control costs and streamline operations. Carmeuse provides reliable and on-time delivery thanks to:

  • Strong relations with truck, rail, river, sea and lake carriers;
  • A broad network of transportation terminals;
  • A full staff of customer service specialists providing the best connection between our customers and the right Carmeuse expert.

Product innovation

With over 40 current patents, Carmeuse continues to innovate and make significant contributions to the lime industry. Carmeuse Research & Development team at Carmeuse is aimed at developing new FGC products and expanding our knowledge. This focus allows us to:

  • Stay in step with our customers’ requirements;
  • Open new functionalities for our products to exceed requirements;
  • Offer latest development with our customer to reduce FGC costs.

Product optimization & customization for each Flue Gas Cleaning process

Determining the right reagent is critical to effective cost control initiatives. Thanks to our experience with all types of FGC systems, our specialists from the Carmeuse Application Technology team support our customers to minimize the total cost of ownership of the FGC steps. Indeed, the FGC process must always be optimized when

  • New emissions regulations enter into force;
  • Flue gas composition is modified due to process and/or fuel modifications;
  • A new unit is commissioned …

This support can be delivered through our different services such as:

  • Audits;
  • Lab analyzes;
  • Troubleshooting of FGC unit;
  • Reagent preparation;
  • By-product;
  • Collaboration with architecture & engineering firms, contractors, OEM companies…

On-site demonstration trial …

Because emission control levels are closely watched by authorities and FGC represents a non-negligible cost, there is no room for error during FGC implementation. While contractual guarantees offer some protection, the best option for minimizing risk and ensuring the proper process is a demonstration trial.
Carmeuse owns and operates a fleet of mobile pilot plants allowing:

  • Carmeuse to demonstrate different dry or wet FGC processes
  • Carmeuse to determine and optimize the process condition and reagent characteristic/dosage to minimize the compliance cost for our customers
  • Our customers to comply with legislation during the construction of the definitive FGC installation
  • Our customer to comply with legislation during an outage, failure or unavailability of their FGC unit