Heat & Power Generation

Power has become essential to our civilization. The recent technical developments have made it possible to increase the share of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, limiting their major drawback to their intermittency. The lack of sufficient storage capacity makes fossil fuel and nuclear sources still mandatory as part of the energy picture in order to maintain grid stability and electricity affordability in some regions.

  • High Magnesium CleanCalco® LS

    East Kentucky Power H.L. Spurlock Station

    CleanCalco® LS


    Wet Limestone

    Use of CleanCalco® LS containing high magnesium carbonate in wet limestone process

  • Improved design of MEL oxidizer


    CleanCalco® MEL


    Wet MEL

    Carmeuse’s expertise made it possible to reduce costs and improve maintenance for utilities using the MEL process

  • Clean Coal technologies reduce today’s emissions of pollutants from power plant smokestacks down to ultra-low levels. Pushed by stricter regulations across the EU, the operators need to comply with these levels, implying significant added costs without providing any compensation.


    Multiple emission control systems exist. The technology selection is always subject to multiple factors and has a significant impact on the future operation of the power plant. One of the parameters that impact the operation is the reagent specifications linked to its availability and price.


    Carmeuse experts can help you determine the best solution for your needs taking into account all the costs associated with your Flue Gas Cleaning project, considering also the fact that depending on the different local realities, dedicated solutions may be required. Matching the proper reagent to your application is thus a critical factor and depends on parameters such as fuel mix, process, local regulations and more. Our optimized solution includes products such as:

    One truth is that Carmeuse will provide the adequate CleanCalco® sorbent whatever process you select…

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