Hot side Sorbent Injection

Sulfur removal is highly influenced by the temperature at which the reaction takes place. Direct injection into the furnace/boiler of an alkaline material, typically hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) based sorbents or limestone (CaCO3), allows the neutralization of the pollutant.

Key benefits of hot side injection with CleanCalco®

  • Simplicity
  • Ready-to-use reagent
  • Flexibility
  • Low stoichiometry
  • Compatible with most furnaces/boilers
  • Minimum equipment required
  • Low investment cost, low footprint and low maintenance
  • Dry by-product and no liquid treatment requirement
  • Compatible with every particulate collector (filter, ESP…)
  • Can be used with other flue gas treatment systems, as pre-treatment

Product range

  • CleanCalco® Depurcal, a dedicated hydrated lime product injected at high temperatures (>850°C) and particularly active on SOX and HF. This injection allows direct action on the pollutant, offering significant efficiencies at low stoichiometry.
  • CleanCalco® FBC is our dedicated limestone for injection in fluidized bed combustor. This in-situ process focused on fluidized bed units is particularly cost efficient for SO2 removal (up to 90%) as no dedicated treatment unit is needed. For highest removal efficiency a downstream polishing Flue Gas Cleaning process is needed