Glass production

The emission control in the glass production industry concerns dust but also other pollutants such as acid gases, particularly SO2. A dedicated extra step in the control system is thus mandatory. The cost of this added step can be minimized by the recycling of the by-product in the raw material, which eliminates the cost of by-product disposal. When selecting a Flue Gas Cleaning solution, reliability, ease of use and cost efficiency are the key considerations.


Most standard solutions include dry processes (dry sorbent injection) because of their flexibility, their simplicity and their lower investment cost while being reliable and efficient. Nevertheless, even if this cleaning step is outside the core business of the operator, process optimization is a critical aspect to be looked at.


CleanCalco is the Carmeuse product range for flue gas cleaning including the full services of our experts. This allows to identifying, implementing and optimizing a reliable and cost efficient Flue Gas Cleaning solution.
In the glass production industry, different local realities impose to have dedicated solutions. Matching the proper reagent to your application is thus a critical consideration and depends on factors such as fuel mix, process, local regulations and more. Our optimized solution includes products such as:

One truth is that Carmeuse will provide the adequate CleanCalco® sorbent whatever process you select…


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